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Waypoint Consulting helps all types of clients discover, develop, and
deploy data and analytics solutions in ways that improve operations, reduce risks
and drive profitability.

Bill Crowell
Bill Crowell

Managing Partner

Mapping Your Waypoints to Success

Our name is our method. It’s the true meaning of a waypoint – the coordinates that guide you to a destination. We map out a joint vision of our clients’ success and identify the waypoints along the way, so with each step the analytic and performance management initiatives are moving forward optimally, minimizing wasted time, money and risk.

It’s not easy to identify the right waypoints; it requires technical expertise and wisdom from years of experience in business and IT. It truly is the highest value your consulting partner can provide.

What We do

Modern Data Solutions Meet Strategic Analytics

Waypoint Consulting is different than your average analytics firm in that we start with our clients’ needs first. Then, we customize our technology and implement a methodology designed to specifically meet those needs. You’ll get a personalized, hands-on analytical approach with custom solutions for data management, visualization, managed services, CPM and more.

Combining leading software with years of business expertise, our consultants transform the way you use data, so you get actionable insights that drive growth for your organization. Let Waypoint take your data where it needs to go today!

On Time On Budget
100% On Time & 100% On Budget

With help from Waypoint, your data and analytics projects will always be completed on time, on budget and within the scope.

Maximize Revenue Minimize Risks
Maximize Revenue, Minimize Risks

Our expert consultants build data and analytics solutions to reduce risks and waste while improving performance, quality and revenue.

Years of Experience
Years of Technical & Business Expertise

You can rely on Waypoint for all your analytical, data and business intelligence needs in any industry or service area.

Our Partners


While Waypoint is proud to partner with many industry-leading software and technology
companies, we are vendor-agnostic, meaning we choose the ideal software based on your
needs and not the other way around.
Industry-Leading Software
  • Snowflake
  • Qlik
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Tableau
  • Alteryx
  • Azure/Power BI
Software that
Serves You
  • ThoughtSpot
  • IBM
  • One Stream
  • Planful
  • Informatica
  • TimeXtender

Waypoint is vendor-agnostic, which means we work with the platforms that work for you.

Our Services

Leading Data & Analytics Services

Analytics & Visualization
Analytics & Visualization

Get fast and actionable insight with data visualization dashbaords, quick start apps and templates that can integrate and streamline your system. We also offer data mining and predictive analytics services to gain advanced insights from your current data and system.

Modern Data Solutions
Let Waypoint provide all the data solutions you need to manage your data strategically, integrate your data systems and govern your data policies with master data management. You’ll get a better way to manage all your data from different sources.
Managed services
Keep your business running smoothly with functional and technical managed IT services, cloud solutions and hosting. We also work with centers of excellence to build lasting, long-term systems that save you money over time.
Data Governance
Bring order to your business’s data with Waypoint’s strategic approach to data governance, allowing for more effective and efficient inter-departmental interactions as well as providing clarity to and from executive leadership.
Recruiting Services
We know that the right candidate can make or break a team and that’s why we have developed a proprietary screening process that brings attitude, aptitude, and skill to the forefront of the hiring process.
Corporate Performance Management
We help you simplify and accelerate all processes in finance through a unified planning, reporting, and analysis solution. Get custom or prebuilt solutions to consolidate books and reporting, improve financial modeling and budgeting.
Industry Expertise

Our Leadership Team

Waypoint has over 18 years of trusted expertise in business and tech. If you think that’s impressive, check out the combined experience and accomplishments of our leadership team.
Bill Crowell
Bill Crowell

Managing Partner

Brendan McGuire
Brendan McGuire

Managing Partner

Jon Serafino
Jon Serafino


Matt Sabo
Matt Sabo


Tara Cohn
Tara Cohn


Kyle Snyder
Kyle Snyder


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