Our Name

Main Entry: way·point
Pronunciation: \’wā-,point\
Meaning: an intermediate point on a route or line of travel
Our name is our method. It’s the true meaning of a waypoint – the coordinates that guide you to a destination. We map out a joint vision of our clients’ success and identify the waypoints along the way, so with each step the analytic and performance management initiatives are moving forward optimally, minimizing wasted time, money and risk.
It’s not easy to identify the right waypoints; it requires technical expertise and wisdom from years of experience in business and IT. It truly is the highest value your consulting partner can provide.

What We Do

Waypoint is a data management and analytics consulting firm. We combine best practices and local resources to help clients strategically convert data into valuable insight.

We use advanced software and techniques to identify and analyze business data such as sales revenue, costs, and enterprise performance. Our services provide historical, current, and predictive views of business operations. We also act as partners and provide guidance and expertise, outside of specific engagement projects, to tie data management and analytics to the underlying business strategy.

In doing so, Waypoint truly helps our clients unleash the power of information in their data, and our methods give our clients the power to explain the past and predict the future. The power to make better informed decisions – at all levels of the enterprise, and the power to make their business better. Waypoint can show you the way.

Why we do it

Waypoint began with the thought that there was a better way to allow companies to use their information and that status quo consulting wasn’t the way. At our core, we believe a niche solution provider is more effective than a global consultancy. We take diverse expertise and talent to create an intimate regional team that benefits both our clients and our employees.

We challenge the notion that business intelligence and performance management expertise is limited to software vendors. We strive to be a truly independent option for our clients, focused on their needs. The goal is to be a one-stop BI shop: one that offers a range of software options and services that complement each opportunity. Finally, we want to be a consultancy that actively shows clients that we value their business and we want them to be successful.

We measure our success in yours.

How We Do It

Our approach is different from traditional Business Intelligence firms:  we create business solutions using technology, not the other way around.  Waypoint starts with the business and creates solutions to solve our clients’ needs.  These solutions, like our WayPlan service, are understood by every member of the team.  We guide our clients though the entire process, with the goal of developing a strong working relationship that leads to trust, satisfaction and success.

Our experience enables us to have both high level and applied conversations to explain the challenges we see and to suggest remedies based on our industry knowledge and past work.  We believe that if we operate as a true partner with our clients, the end result will be a better understanding of their data for our team as well as for our clients.

Our Leadership Team

Bill Crowell

Managing Partner

Brendan McGuire

Managing Partner

Jon Serafino


Matt Sabo



Tara Cohn



Kyle Snyder