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Matt Sabo
Matt Sabo


Our proven methodology combined with data expertise provides 100% Success

Waypoint takes you further than the average data analytics software or consultancy firm, and that is all thanks to our proven methodologies, and state-of-the-art data solutions we can apply to any project you have to make it a success.

With our WayPlan™, Navigator Roadmap™ and True Bearing™ methods, we can take your company’s data service to the next level with complete success for every stakeholder involved. Trust Waypoint to help you discover, develop and deploy the best data and analytics solutions with a proven approach from years of expertise.

Our Guarantee Is Our approach

100% On Time,
100% On Budget

No matter what type of data or analytics service you need, Waypoint can apply our proven methodology and planning solutions to make your project even more of a success. Get complete project management from start to finish, or let us just plan one data project as needed.

WayPlan™ Project Planning
Navigator Roadmap™
True Bearing™
Project Management

Managing a Single Project

Let us plan your entire data and analytics project from start to finish with all the deliverables you need. A WayPlan™ is Waypoint’s solution for any data and analytics project you have.

Waypoint starts by understanding your business processes to see how clients will interact and use data within those processes. We call this the discovery phase and it’s crucial to know where you begin before we can plan where you need to go and all the challenges, objectives and deadlines in between.

Then, we’ll craft the foundation, architecture and “waypoints” toward your project success, to ensure all risks are accounted for and all deliverables are created. Our consultants maintain this high level of detail throughout your project — from discovery and design to development and deployment of the final solution. The final result is a success for all stakeholders involved.

Waypoint’s single project planning methodology is built around
an established WayPlan™


Managing Holistic Digital Change

Let Waypoint take you down the road to success with enterprise information management roadmaps that create vision, establish goals and assign accountability. You’ll get solutions to help you integrate, visualize, govern and manage data, providing a better return on your data and analytics investment.

We’ll work with you to ask important questions about your organizational needs and plan data management and analytics projects and solutions to create the path towards achieving your organization’s goals. Waypoint’s Navigator Roadmap™ is all about meeting you where you are and bringing clear vision and definition to your analytics needs while delivering the roadmap to a more data-driven enterprise.

Taking your data and analytics projects further with enterprise management roadmaps


Driving Project Success

At Waypoint, we understand that project management can be a pain in any industry due to difficulties defining, tracking and managing budget, scope and quality. That’s why we have developed our True Bearing™ approach to project management that helps provide insight into eliminating repetitive, wasteful tasks, so your team can focus on resolving project issues.

Our consultants will work with your company to provide the best project planning methodology for any of your data and analytics solutions. A blend of industry expertise, integrated
methodology and systems, and elite consultants, has helped us complete projects with a 100% success rate, delivering within the determined budget, scope and timeline.

While our track record may be hard to believe, it is exactly why Waypoint has the client retention and repeat business rate it has with its clients.

A new approach to project management with clearly defined scope, deliverables and deadlines for 100% Success

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