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Leveraging Your Organization’s CECL Data Warehouse
In this 30-minute webinar, learn the importance of leveraging your CECL data warehouse for analysis of complex instruments. By 2022, all regulated lenders will be CECL compliant. Becoming CECL compliant is compelling lenders to build credit portfolio data marts/warehouses. Lenders who are making this investment should also be leveraging these data repositories as a source of improved portfolio analytics. ➡ Watch this webinar


Banking Thought Leader Series: Capitalizing on your CECL Infrastructure with Data Governance and Mastery
The latest CECL guidance from the regulators has community banks rapidly working to assemble the data necessary to comply. The segmentation, calculation, adjustment and documentation steps that are necessary to prepare data for CECL analysis can help significantly improve management of bank relationships and credit portfolios. Banks that learn to leverage this process and the data they prepare for CECL can enhance the value of their client relationships, better assess lending performance, and comprehensively understand portfolio risk. ➡ Watch This Webinar


IFRS 9/CECL Compliance Webinar
In this 30-minute webinar, learn why ECL Modeling and Data Preparation must be closely aligned. We will take you through the keys to success regarding: Modeling Approaches, Why various modeling approaches will impact the range of data needed. Data Inventory: Understanding what you have and what is missing from both internal and external data sources. Impact of assumptions on ECL Modeling Data Validation: Importance of Accounting and IT working in concert. Structuring your data to enhance profitability in your portfolios via analytics ➡ Watch this webinar


Banking Thought Leader Series: CECL, Is your Bank Compliant?
Ardmore Banking Advisors, a nationally recognized thought leader on CECL implementation for community banks, is presenting a special webinar with Waypoint Consulting on March 27th to show you how to get your bank to:

  • Comply with CECL Regulations
  • Optimize Credit Risk Data Gathering
  • Improve Storing and Operational Processes

➡ Watch This Webinar

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