Banking Quick Start Applications

Quick Start Applications allow organizations to maximize speed to value and data to action, improving Lending Performance, Risk Management, General Ledger Reconciliation, and Regulatory Compliance across banking institutions. These are client proven solutions from a leading organization implemented in as little as 4 weeks. Solutions can be deployed and managed as software as a service (SaaS) or on-premise.


Waypoint’s Lending Performance Dashboard gives you insight into which lenders are driving your portfolio growth, while simultaneously showing how they price risk, diversify investment, and grow relationships.

Credit Portfolio Risk

We put all of your organizations lending assets into one easy to use application for understanding credit risk.

General Ledger

We have helped banks do what they thought was impossible - tie their customer accounts to their general ledger.


Our Call Report application uses the same data that drives our Credit Risk and Lending Performance analysis, while tying the customer data to your general ledger.

Federal Reserve
Call Report

This app pulls together data from all Federally Insured Banks that are required to submit Call Reports once per quarter. Their results can be used as comparisons or benchmarks for banks of similar size in the same or similar regions.


Waypoint uses our proprietary methodologies to help banks to improve credit portfolio management, increase customer profitability and meet regulatory compliance.
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How Data and Analytics Can be a Key Differentiator for Banking During the COVID-19 Global Health Emergency

The COVID-19 health crisis has complicated the process of maintaining effective relationships between lenders and borrowers. During this crisis, lenders need to make an informed decisions to manage their risk and advise their borrowers on effective courses of action. At Waypoint, we have a wealth of experience with helping banks use data and analytics. Responding to and preparing for the COVID-19 outbreak is a prime example of how data and analytics can make a difference in lending and risk management.

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