Big Data and Hadoop 

Many enterprises are adopting Hadoop as a means of information management. Hadoop’s greatest benefits are its ability to consume and organize information rapidly and permit simple scaling of hardware to accommodate increased data volumes.

What many enterprises fail to grasp about Hadoop is that the benefits it provides are not easily aligned with corporate analytic strategies. Hadoop consumes, organizes, and retrieves data rapidly, but that is not in and of itself an analytic strategy. The principles of Enterprise Information Management that Waypoint employs still apply to corporate data governance, stewardship and analytic strategy.

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This graphic illustrates the preferred role of Hadoop within an Enterprise Information Management strategy.  As data is ingested and organized for retrieval, a structured, trusted data model with integrated tools and processes for governance and stewardship still provide the key components for analysis that is delivered to users through reporting, dashboards, and deep analytics that support decision management.


Our data management services ensure clients have access to integrated, governed, current data whenever they need it. Waypoint helps clients to integrate data lake, relational data models and analytics applications. Whether it's a data management strategy or tactical development effort, Waypoint can leverage experience from many client success stories.

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Q: What are the most important aspects of your data?

A: Availability and Accuracy

Master Data Management

Master Data are the most critical information assets that companies maintain. They are the data that define products and services, organizational accountability, customer relationships, and similar key data associated with running the business. Master Data drive most of the financial and operational reports that businesses rely on. 

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