Modernizing Data Management

Waypoint helps organizations design and implement modern data-management solutions by bringing to clients our breadth of experience across multiple industries and dozens of clients. We help foster success based on the collective experience gathered over a wide-range of technology approaches and data-management objectives.


01. We empower our clients take advantage of the advancements in technology without getting lost in the confusion of options.

02. We help clients develop technology solutions based on how they fit within their strategy instead 0f the other way around.

03. Technology components for each aspect are more interchangeable than ever.  Our key is to design relative to function and find the technologies that can fill those functional needs at your organization’s desired level of sophistication.

04. We help clients understand the available technology options and where their organization’s needs are, before they buy or build their own solutions.

05. Technology requires integration, which requires time and money.  Waypoint minimizes the time and cost for clients to implement and improve their data-management solutions through proprietary and client proven methods.

Our Process

This graphic illustrates the preferred role of Snowflake within a Modern Data Management. As data is ingested and organized for retrieval, a structured, trusted data model with integrated tools and processes for governance and stewardship still provide the key components for analysis that is delivered to users through reporting, dashboards, and deep analytics that support decision management.

Enterprise Data Management Functions

The technologies supporting enterprise data management are changing but the key functions
to account for remain consistent


Capture and store all the data your organization needs


Integrate and transform raw data into information


Make information useable by the business


Maintain consistency, reliability and accuracy in information delivery

How We Help Clients

A few examples of key considerations that we take into account when helping clients modernize their data management approach 

Changing to a Cloud Infrastructure

Why to consider it

How to remain secure and compliant

How it can save time and money

Separating storage and computing

What are the advantages

How exactly does it translate to cost savings

Governance Software

What do the major platforms actually do well, poorly, or not at all? 

How do these features align with your organizations needs?

Data Management Featured Content

Download the  master data white paper to get the most of the financial and operational reports that businesses rely on or watch our Modernizing Data Management webinar to learn more about best practices, trends and steps for success.

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Master data management white paper: creating a Strategy for success

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