Do More With Your Data

Waypoint resources introduce human factor engineering concepts in their application design.  These concepts are also part of our Visual Design Standards (VDS) and are introduced during client engagements.  The result is that users adopt our analytical applications at a high rate with little to no training.  Speed and quality are the foundation of enterprise wide adoption.

Quick Start Applications

Prebuilt templates ready to go

Data Visualization

Dashboards make data actionable

Data Science

We can mine your data for advanced insights

We get where you're going- that's because we take the time to understand where you've been. As a leading provider of business intelligence and enterprise performance management on the East Coast, we know how to simplify the complexity of your data.

94% of clients engage us to build a second or more analytic applications

Get Actionable Insights Fast

Our dashboards allow organizations to maximize speed to value and data to action, improving Operational, Financial and Quality performance across enterprises. Solutions can be deployed and managed as software as a service (SaaS) or on-premise in as little as 6 weeks!

Do you need analytics but aren't sure where to start?

Dashboards are available within your preferred BI platform (Qlik, Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, etc.) and if you do not have a preferred platform we can work to determine the best option for your organization. Dashboards have full customization capabilities available which supports adding additional metrics or conquering more complex data integration needs.

We have an abunance of experience working with many of the leading data visualization tools including:

  • Top 10 Qlik Elite Solution Provider
  • Certified Tableau Implementation and Training Partner
  • Certified IBM Analytics Partner
  • SQL Server (Power BI) solution provider

. . . . and more!

Waypoint Consulting offers data visualization customized to meet your organization's data and analytical needs. 

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