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Waypoint Consulting attends, partners with or hosts various events throughout the year. We enjoy meeting our current clients and future clients out in the open at live events. Check back for live events coming soon!

Modernizing Data Management Forum


Organizations are estimating data growth to be 40% year over year, into the next decade. Converting data into an asset remains one of the top goals of many CIOs and CFOs. New trends and best practices are making this vision a reality, increasing the value of every dollar invested into data management and analytics projects. Join Waypoint, a data management and analytics advisor to over 100 clients across multiple industries, as we present trends and best practices in modern data management.

During this session we will discuss:

  • Is data a true “asset” at your organization and adopted by a variety of stakeholders?
  • How can you lower the cost of your current data management platform while increasing its value?
  • How are you planning for the inevitability of data sprawl in a fiscally conscious way?
  • Have you evaluated how you can monetize your data?

Join us as we provide an overview of the market and identify major trends and best practices that will change how you plan for the future.

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Delaware Valley Analytics Community (DVAC)


As a co-sponsor of the Delaware Valley Analytics Community and coordinator of some of the area’s best business intelligence and financial performance management events, Waypoint provides Philadelphia and the surrounding areas with a variety of events focused on the software and services in the BI space. Waypoint also supports and provides training and workshops of all kinds to individuals looking to further their skills and ultimately their career. The Delaware Valley Analytics Community (DVAC) is a technology neutral group focused on improving member’s success in delivering Analytical solutions within their organization. DVAC was created in 2015 with executive committee members from respected companies such as ACE INA, Verizon, GlaxoSmithKline, and Waypoint Consulting. The organization meets 3 to 4 times a year at various locations in the Delaware Valley area. Events consist of presentations and networking events.

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