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Overview of our services

Waypoint Services

Overview of our services

Our senior consultants institute proven methodologies to help you determine your waypoints to success. Whether you're looking for change management, project management, data warehouse design, data integration, or financial performance management solutions, we offer the services and extend partnerships that evolve information into insight. If you want to learn more about how Waypoint can help you, contact us today so we can start improving your business or company.

Strategy Engagement Services

  • Technology Assessment
  • Decision Analysis and Definition
  • Solution Definition
  • Navigation points (Immediate and future)
  • Proprietary Waypoint Accurate Intelligence Mapping (AIM)
  • Project Planning (WayPlan)
  • BI Center of Excellence
  • Data Integration Center of Excellence

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse

  • Data Integration (ETL) Design and Development
  • Data Modeling
  • Dashboards and Scorecards
  • Reports and Metrics

Financial Performance Management Budgeting Systems

  • Annual / Rolling Forecasts
  • Strategic Planning
  • External / Management Reporting
  • Salary Planning
  • Pricing and Product Costing

Project Management

  • Onsite Project Management
  • Manager Mentoring
  • Virtual Project Management
  • Project Audit

Software Partnership Services

  • Product Installation
  • Waypoint “Elevation”
  • Training
  • Production Support
  • QuickStart Service
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Clients looking to invest in their data rarely have the full picture of the project.

Most often it’s understanding the right solution, knowing what resources you need, and the true costs of hardware, software and services.

At Waypoint, we have that depth of experience and knowledge and have designed a methodology to address these issues directly.

WayPlan was developed to provide a transparent planning process and a better understanding of the full scope of the project to our clients. We provide a tailored plan that addresses your challenges, timeline and objectives as well as clearly defines your criteria for success. The goal is to eliminate costly pitfalls and risks that can delay or destroy projects.

We will jointly craft the following deliverables with WayPlan:

  • Scope Statement
  • Solution Architecture Sketch
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • A Cost Estimate
  • The Planning Assumption
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Membership Alignment Plan

Membership Alignment Plan

When you sign up for a Software Subscription and Support plan with Waypoint, you will receive our proprietary Membership Alignment Plan (MAP) as a complementary service to align your future Business Intelligence and Performance Management goals with software roadmaps.

You will receive one FREE day with one of our Senior Consultants who will align you with the software product roadmap by addressing one of the specific needs below:

  • Current Software Usage and Capacity
  • Performance Optimization
  • Architecture Validation
  • Turbo Integrator Diagnostic
  • TM1 Cube Rules Diagnostic
  • Framework Manager Diagnostic
  • Report Diagnostic
  • End User Adoption Assessment
  • Product Expansion Opportunities
  • Manual Process Automation Recommendation
  • Information Management need as determined by the client


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Waypoint’s Compass is a proprietary solution that documents your IBM TM1 environment and charts its future. Compass makes ownership of IBM TM1 easy and enables you to effectively leverage your investment in the product. The Compass engagement is delivered with Waypoint’s certified IBM TM1 experts during an abridged engagement using a proprietary IBM TM1 diagnostic tool and process.

Deliverables you can expect:

  • TM1 environment analysis and full documentation of the following items:
    • Cube
    • Dimensions
    • Links
    • Processes
    • Chores
  • Data Flow diagram
  • Component inventory report
  • Suggestions for improvement
  • Best practice recommendations
  • Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to include tasks and expected results
  • Proprietary Compass (diagnostic) tool
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TM1 Finance FastTrack Models

TM1 Finance FastTrack Models

Waypoint’s IBM TM1 Finance FastTrack are pre-defined models that allow customers to facilitate requirements sessions and quickly deploy Reporting and Budgeting applications through a market leading technology, IBM TM1. TM1 Finance FastTrack is provided through an on-premises solution or private cloud hosted by Waypoint.

Finance FastTrack projects include:

  • Install IBM TM1
  • Business Requirements Review Sessions
  • Implementation of IBM TM1 Fast Framework Models:
    • Finance Model
    • Itemized Expense Model
    • Staffing Model
    • Capital Expense Model
    • Allocations Model
    • Development Tools
  • Technical Design Document
  • Speedy development
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Waypoint will provide:

QlikView Software:

  • Qlikview server license and 5 Named Users
  • Waypoint will install Qlikview on server and connect to data sources
  • All the Qlikview configurations and users will be set up by Waypoint
  • Qlikview licenses applied to the server and ready for use


  • Waypoint will work with you to determine required functionality
  • We will create and refine 2 dashboards based on requirements
  • All of the functionality will be tested and validated
  • Qlikview dashboards will be presented to you for final approval


  • Waypoint will get your virtual server up and running on the Amazon Cloud
  • We will create a cloud based User Account
  • All of the server configurations and settings will be set up by Waypoint
  • The completed dashboards will be installed on the server and be ready for production
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Acuity Analytics

Acuity Analytics

Healthcare Data Science and Business Intelligence

Created by and for the unique needs of Healthcare Providers


Healthcare providers are leveraging a strategic asset that can increase the quality of care, improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs. The asset is your data.

Waypoint’s Solutions are a proven combination of subject matter expertise, methodologies, models and IBM tools that deliver a Data Foundation & Governance, Reports, Dashboards, and Advanced Predictive Analysis.


Clinical Examples

  • 80% accuracy in predicting readmissions by disease state
  • Quality and patient safety scorecards
  • Capture and analyze information from doctors notes through text analytics
  • Predictive results to retard disease progression

Financial and Operational Examples

  • Demonstrable results to payers
  • Insight into fund allocation
  • Dashboards that summarize operations metrics
  • Actionable analytics at the point-of-care
  • Predict patients with the greatest opportunity for potentially avoidable expenses
  • Financial budgeting and planning
  • Predictive analysis for claims management and risk mitigation

Informatics Examples

  • Integrate data from multiple source systems for streamlined reporting
  • Optimize the investment in recently implemented EHR systems
  • Provide physicians with mobile analysis capabilities

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We partner  with industry leaders, like IBM, Oracle, Informatica, and Qlik to help you profit from advanced technology and proven processes. By combining the strength of our partners’ offerings with our consultants’ understanding of your business goals, we’re able to design and implement the waypoints you need to reach your objectives on time, within budget, without fail.