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Host Analytics provides a proven, scalable platform that accelerates reporting, analytics, financial planning, and close processes.

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Host Analytics is again named a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Cloud Financial Planning and Analysis Solutions.

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Host Analytics Platform Overview


In today’s dynamic business environment, you need a planning application that is functionally complete. It must meet your immediate needs but also be able to evolve as your needs change. Host Planning is a complete application for budgeting, planning, and forecasting with robust reporting and analysis capabilities.

Key Advtantages

  • Save Time & Reduce Errors
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Deploy Quickly
  • Leverage Expertise
  • Make Finance Self-Sufficient


Modeling applications require powerful capabilities to ensure that the models are as relevant and accurate as possible, so that downstream decisions deliver the outcomes your business expects. Host Modeling includes advanced modeling functions and flexible modeling scenarios expressed using the Excel formula language and user experience.

Key Advtantages

  • Advanced Modeling
  • Leverage Expertise
  • Ad-hoc Analysis
  • Formatted Operational Reports
  • Dynamic Integration


Financial consolidation is a mission-critical process that involves collecting and consolidating sensitive financial information. Host Analytics Consolidation offers role-based security, workflow, audit logs and audit trails delivering your single source of financial truth.

Key Advtantages

  • Single Source
  • Fast Deployment
  • Self Serve
  • Global-Reporting
  • Transparency


Host Reporting provides a robust library of reporting formats and delivery options, enabling end-users to produce a wide range of interactive financial and management reports leveraging one source of truth.

Key Advtantages

  • Quality
  • Self-Service
  • Automatic
  • Transparency
  • Centralized

Discover Host Analytics Solutions

Powerful, Easy to Use & Fast to Deploy

Eliminate Manual Processes

Automate manual financial processes to save time, reduce errors, and move at the speed of business. Run virtually any finance process more efficiently and with less manual effort by connecting data, people, and plans in every part of a business.

Build Rolling Forecasts

Excel is still the most widely used tool for planning, analytics and reporting. This is no surprise as spreadsheets do offer great flexibility but at great cost due to the limited automation, security and control. Jedox removes the risks from Excel-based business processes while building on your existing Excel know-how.

Drive Strategic Planning

Leverage data from across the business to drive long-term value and growth. Automate the tedium and manual steps behind the strategic planning process so you can spend more time analyzing and collaborating and less time fighting with spreadsheets. 

Decrease Time To Close

Close the books faster by automating the collection, aggregation and validation of data in financial systems. Rest assured risk is limited and data is secure due to strong internal controls and robust, searchable audit logs.

Conduct Ad Hoc Analysis

Simplify complex ad-hoc financial analysis for both finance and business users. Explore every option quickly and with confidence.

Improve Collaboration 

Enable every department in your organization to stay up to date with new data while sharing information across departments. Get things done faster, with more accuracy, and with more confidence in the results.

Waypoint Host Analytics Services


Waypoint’s HealthCheck service is a highly adaptable service that spans the concerns of leadership through to internal clients, and assesses concerns of application development groups and infrastructure teams. A complete Waypoint HealthCheck would include an assessment, findings and recommendations. Our HealthCheck can help improve performance, functionality, fix errors and increase adoption.

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WayPlan was developed to provide a transparent planning process and a better understanding of the full scope of the project to our clients. We provide a tailored plan that addresses your challenges, timeline and objectives as well as clearly defines your criteria for success. The goal is to eliminate costly pitfalls and risks that can delay or destroy projects.

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Waypoint has delivered successful Host Analytics solutions. We employ vigorously trained and vetted consultants that practice under disciplined project management principles. Our data visualization experts leverage Host Analytics tools and templates that result in highly intuitive user experiences.

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Staffing network and infrastructure engineers, database administrators, Host Analytics experts, as well as the capital expense associated with acquiring and maintaining hardware is a drain on your IT budget. Focus on Running Your Business, Not IT with Managed Services and Support.

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Waypoint Consulting hosts in-person and virtual training seminars with a subject matter expert to teach the basics of Host Analytics. If you need to train-up your current team or you have been thinking about bringing this technology into your organization, this is a great way to get your team up to speed on the Gartner BI Magic Quadrant leader. 

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True Bearing

True Bearing project management includes analytics industry Experts, a proven Methodology, and Systems that provide insight and eliminate repetitive, wasteful resource tasks allowing the team to focus on actually resolving project issues. The difference is truly understanding where you are now relative to where you need to go.

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