Snowflake is Named a Top Leader for Data Management Solutions for Analytics


Gartner has named Snowflake a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Data Management and Analytics Magic Quadrant. Snowflake improved its position on the ability to execute and completeness of vision axes in the MQ compared to the previous year!

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The Data Warehouse Built for the Cloud

Snowflake is built for the cloud from the ground up. It delivers the flexibility and efficiency that simply isn’t possible with a traditional data warehouse or big data platform that has been shifted to the cloud

Breathtaking Performance

Snowflake is built for speed, even with the most intense workloads. Its patented architecture separates compute from storage so you can scale up and down on the fly, without delay or disruption. You get the performance you need exactly when you need it.

Unlimited Concurrency

Snowflake can support unlimited concurrency with its unique multi-cluster, shared data architecture. This allows multiple compute clusters to operate simultaneously on the same data without degrading performance.

uncompromising simplicity

With Snowflake, you can concentrate on solving business problems rather than managing your data warehouse. Snowflake is a zero-management data warehouse-as-a-service.

All Your Data, All Your Users

Instant Elasticity

Enable any amount of computing power for any number of users to get the performance and actionable insights you desire.

Secure Data Sharing

Unite your business units and collaborate with your business partners via governed and secure data sharing in real time

Per-Second Pricing

Automatically scale back any amount of horsepower behind your workloads to eliminate the cost of an idle warehouse

Multiple Clouds

Choose your infrastructure, keep data and apps where they are, enable a multi-cloud strategy, support and sovereignty.

Why Snowflake?

Traditional data warehouses have not kept up with the demand for data and analytics. And big data solutions come with complexities and limitations to meet the data-driven needs of today’s organizations. Snowflake offers a data warehouse solution built for the cloud, one designed for the performance, simplicity, and concurrency needed for modern data analytics.

Modernize Your Warehouse

Take advantage of a modern architecture that brings together all your data in one place and makes it available to all your users and applications.

Accelerate Analytics

Deliver rapid data insights to analysts at any scale of data, workload, and concurrency, without needing to manually tune and optimize a data warehouse.

Build a Data lake

Easily and affordably combine diverse data for exploration, experimentation, and refinement without sacrificing performance.

Deploy Data sharing

Seamlessly share data both inside and outside of your organization without copying, transferring, or manually transforming data.

Enable Security analytics

Aggregate and analyze all your data in the cloud for better, faster, and more cost-effective threat defense and regulatory compliance.

Snowflake Key Features

Complete SQL Data Warehouse

Snowflake is a fully relational ANSI SQL data warehouse, so you can leverage the skills and tools your organization already uses. Updates, deletes, analytical functions, transactions, stored procedures, materialized views and complex joins give you the full capabilities you need to make the most of your data.

zero management

Snowflake eliminates the administration and management demands of traditional data warehouses and big data platforms. Snowflake is a true data warehouse-as-a-service running in the cloud. With built-in performance, there’s no infrastructure to manage or knobs to turn. Snowflake automatically handles infrastructure, optimization, availability, data protection and more so you can focus on using your data, not managing it.

Diverse Data

Snowflake can support all of your business data, whether from traditional sources or newer machine-generated sources, without requiring cumbersome transformations and tradeoffs. Snowflake’s patented technology natively loads and optimizes both structured and semi-structured data such as JSON, Avro, or XML and makes it available via SQL without sacrificing performance or flexibility.

Compelling performance

Snowflake processes queries and tasks in a fraction of the time conventional on-premises and cloud data warehouses require Our columnar database engine uses advanced optimizations, including automatic clustering, which removes the headache of manually re-clustering data when loading new data into a table. Combined with the capacity to scale up and down, automatically and on the fly, you get the exact performance you need, exactly when you need it.

Any Scale of Data, Workloads, and Users

Snowflake’s patented multi-cluster, shared data architecture separates storage and compute, making it possible to scale up and down on-the-fly without downtime or disruption. Automatically scale to support any amount of data, workloads and concurrent users and applications without requiring data movement, data marts or data copies.

Failover and Business Continuity

Replicate data across cloud regions, across cloud providers, keep data and apps where they are, operate confidently with failover and business continuity.

Broad Ecosystem

You can rapidly integrate Snowflake with custom and packaged tools and applications. Our native and standards-based connectors including ODBC, JDBC, Javascript, Python, Spark, R, and Node.js unlock the power of cloud data warehousing for developers and tools that use a variety of languages and frameworks.

Seamlessly Share Data

Snowflake’s multi-tenant architecture extends the data warehouse to the Data Sharehouse, with governed and secure, modern data sharing in real time. Within minutes, and without ever having to move data, share any slice of your data across your organization or with any of your business partners and customers. With Snowflake Data Sharing, you can easily forge one-to-one, one-to-many, and many-to-many data sharing relationships.

Snowflake Data Warehouse Architecture Benefits


Transactional SQL Data Warehouse


    Performance and Throughput


    Storage and Support for All Data


    Availability and Security


    Seamless Data Sharing

    Snowflake is a single integrated system with fully independent scaling for compute, storage and services.

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