Why Tableau?

Powerful Analytics

Interactive, visual analysis lets you untangle thorny business questions and quickly get to the insights that propel your business forward. Powered by our patented VizQL technology, Tableau gives you powerful analytics to ask deeper questions and deliver more meaningful answers.

Fast adoption at scale

When you make working with data easy, fun, and impactful, amazing things happen. Whether you’re building workbooks and dashboards, asking your own questions of others’ published analyses, or responsible for making data a more useful part of everyone’s workday, Tableau makes it easy to get value from data.

Fits your Environment

Your specific data needs are unique. So we build Tableau with the flexibility to work within your enterprise architecture and data ecosystem. Connect to your data stored on-prem or in the cloud. Conduct live queries or use extracts. Deploy on-prem or in the cloud. Choose Windows, Linux or macOS. Work with your data your way.

Mission-Critical Platform

When data is critical to your business, your analytics platform needs to be secure, governed, scalable, and reliable. From compliance and security to management and monitoring, Tableau offers a robust suite of built-in capabilities to support the needs of your business. Tableau also gives the ability to integrate with systems you’ve already put into place.

Tableau Capabilties

Big Data

Exploring and analyzing big data translates information into insight. However, the massive scale, growth and variety of data are simply too much for traditional databases to handle. For this reason, businesses are turning towards technologies such as Hadoop, Spark and NoSQL databases to meet their rapidly evolving data needs. Tableau works closely with the leaders in this space to support any platform that our customers choose.

Business Dashboards

A good business dashboard informs with a glance. A great business dashboard combines high performance and ease of use to let anybody get data-driven answers to their deeper questions. Dashboarding with Tableau allows even non-technical users to create interactive, real-time visualizations in minutes. In just a few clicks, they can combine data sources, add filters, and drill down into specific information. Sharing a dashboard requires no programming, whether it’s on Tableau Server, Tableau Online, or any portal or web page. 



Data analysis shouldn't be an isolating task—that's why Tableau is built for collaboration. Team members are able to share data, make follow up queries, and forward easy-to-digest visualizations to others who could gain value from the data. Making sure everyone understands the data and is able to make informed decisions is critical to success. Tableau makes collaborating around data easy. From web editing and authoring to data source recommendations, give everyone the ability to engage with the data they need.


Tableau is designed to make the most of geographical data, so you can get to the “where” as well as the “why.” With instant geocoding, Tableau automatically turns the location data and information you already have into rich, interactive maps with 16 levels of zoom—or use custom geocodes to map what matters to your business. Census-based population, income, and other standard demographic datasets are built in. In the visual environment of Tableau, you can explore the world through data and share what you find in just a few clicks.

Smart Analytics

Organizations are looking for technologies that help more people do sophisticated analysis. At Tableau, we’re investing in analytical capabilities that help anyone—from data scientists to business users—get to answers faster and uncover unanticipated insights. Through machine learning, statistics, natural language, and smart data prep, we are making analytics more approachable to users of all skill levels.

Survey analysis

It’s easier than ever to perform surveys—and just as easy to get buried in survey data. Use Tableau to hear the voice of the customer coming through loud and clear. Tableau uses visual analysis as an interface to the data, which means anyone can investigate survey responses in-depth with key statistical measures built in. Zoom in and out of geographic regions and overlay census data with one button to find what’s unique about your audience. Then, share the experience with colleagues in one single comprehensive and interactive report that tells the story from every angle and at every level of drill-down.

What's New?

Ask Data

Ask a question, get an answer. Use natural language to ask questions and produce insights directly from any published data source. Ask Data supports many analytical capabilities of Tableau, including sorting, filtering and aggregations.

Vector Maps

Enjoy a richer mapping experience with vector-based maps. Maps will look even sharper and feel even smoother, as you pan, zoom in, and zoom out to explore your geospatial data. Enjoy updated dark, normal, and light default styles, ACS demographic data, and for authors, new map styles and layers available right out of the box.

Tableau Prep Conductor

Tableau Prep Conductor, a new add-on product for Tableau Online and Tableau Server, empowers IT departments, data stewards and analysts to consistently deliver prepared data in a scalable, reliable and secure server environment. Tableau Prep Conductor is part of the Data Management Add-on available now for Tableau Server and in limited release for Tableau Online.

Waypoint Tableau Services


Waypoint’s HealthCheck service is a highly adaptable service that spans the concerns of leadership through to internal clients, and assesses concerns of application development groups and infrastructure teams. A complete Waypoint HealthCheck would include an assessment, findings and recommendations. Our HealthCheck can help improve performance, functionality, fix errors and increase adoption.

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WayPlan was developed to provide a transparent planning process and a better understanding of the full scope of the project to our clients. We provide a tailored plan that addresses your challenges, timeline and objectives as well as clearly defines your criteria for success. The goal is to eliminate costly pitfalls and risks that can delay or destroy projects.

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Waypoint has delivered hundreds of successful Tableau visualization solutions. We employ vigorously trained and vetted consultants that practice under disciplined project management principles. Our data visualization experts leverage Tableau design tools and templates that result in highly intuitive user experiences.

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Staffing network and infrastructure engineers, database administrators, Tableau  experts, as well as the capital expense associated with acquiring and maintaining hardware is a drain on your IT budget. Focus on Running Your Business, Not IT with Managed Services and Support.

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Waypoint Consulting hosts in-person and virtual training seminars with a subject matter expert to teach the basics of Tableau. If you need to train-up your current team or you have been thinking about bringing this technology into your organization, this is a great way to get your team up to speed on the Gartner BI Magic Quadrant leader. 

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True Bearing

True Bearing project management includes analytics industry Experts, a proven Methodology, and Systems that provide insight and eliminate repetitive, wasteful resource tasks allowing the team to focus on actually resolving project issues. The difference is truly understanding where you are now relative to where you need to go.

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