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Granular Reporting to Improve Profitability Case Study

Integrated Social Media Dashboard Case Study

Our solutions are predicated on a business focused approach to metrics, analysis and reporting. We marry these requirements with technology solutions that provide value in weeks, not months; often times using technologies already owned by the portfolio company.

Intelligent Financial Performance Case Study

The office of Finance at a $50M PortCo, and one at a $500M PortCo have similar needs but on a very different scale. We tailor our EPM solutions to meet the immediate needs for corporate consolidations and FP&A while establishing a roadmap for Finance and Accounting to meet future acquisition requirements and organic growth.

True Bearing (Project Management) Process

Waypoint understands how to align with Private Equity goals, and how technology deployments must achieve ROI targets. Waypoint's True Bearing (Project Management) process uniquely drives the financial accountability required to ensure on-budget outcomes, and has become the standard by which some clients have changed their IT / project management culture.

The diagram depicted is a representation of a data management/analytics implementation for a portfolio company.

Additional Waypoint Services


Enterprise Information Management Roadmaps create vision, establish goals and assign accountability. Waypoint senior consultants deliver Roadmaps using our proprietary methodology, Navigator, to define the organizational needs and projects to move from your current state to the desired future state.

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WayPlan was developed to provide a transparent planning process and a better understanding of the full scope of the project to our clients. We provide a tailored plan that addresses your challenges, timeline and objectives as well as clearly defines your criteria for success. The goal is to eliminate costly pitfalls and risks that can delay or destroy projects.

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Waypoint has delivered successful private equity solutions. We employ vigorously trained and vetted consultants that practice under disciplined project management principles. Our data visualization experts leverage  tools and templates that result in highly intuitive user experiences.

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Staffing network and infrastructure engineers, database administrators, legal experts, as well as the capital expense associated with acquiring and maintaining hardware is a drain on your IT budget. Focus on Running Your Business, Not IT with Managed Services and Support.

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Waypoint Consulting hosts in-person and virtual training seminars with a subject matter expert to teach the basics of analytics. If you need to train-up your current team or you have been thinking about bringing this technology into your organization, this is a great way to get your team up to speed on reporting and solutions. 

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True Bearing

True Bearing project management includes analytics industry Experts, a proven Methodology, and Systems that provide insight and eliminate repetitive, wasteful resource tasks allowing the team to focus on actually resolving project issues. The difference is truly understanding where you are now relative to where you need to go.

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