Harness Your Business Intelligence

In today’s world, if you’re not leveraging the intelligence from your data to make better decisions, you’ll lose to any competition that does. That’s why Waypoint makes it easy to get custom data and analytics solutions that help you harness your BI to drive smarter decisions with speed, accuracy, and efficiency.
Data-Driven Decisions

Drive faster, smarter decisions with unified, aligned & high-quality data

Business Intelligence

Make Data-Driven Decisions in Weeks

Waypoint specializes in providing custom data and analytics solutions that are not only crafted with your unique business goals in mind but are also easily deployed and managed as software as a service (SaaS) or on-premise.

Many of our prebuilt or custom visualization applications and models can be implemented in just 6 weeks to drive fast, smart decision-making at your organization. Improve quality of service, operations, budgeting and more with access to cleansed, unified and high-quality managed data.

Get Expert Insight With Proven Data Analytics

No matter what is going on with your company’s current data, whether it’s disorganized, low-quality or in the wrong place, Waypoint will analyze it and mine it to determine the next steps for action.

Our BI consultants will work with you to determine your specific goals, so we can make sure we provide the data and analytics solutions that will unleash the information you need to drive smarter decisions.

Proven Data Analytics
Modern Data Management

Make Efficient Decisions With Modern Data Management

Your organization needs to capitalize on efficiency to provide the best service level to customers and maintain employee stability. With our modern data management solutions, we can help you transfer data to the cloud for easy use, integrate data on a faster platform or govern master data to quickly access your most sacred information.

From ingestion and transformation to analytics and visualization, Waypoint will ensure your data is modernized and managed to provide fast, smart decision-making insight.

Analytics to Optimize Speed & Accessibility

Whether you choose a prebuilt template or a custom one, our analytics and visualization services can be deployed within weeks to drive speed and value to your organization. We can create proven analytics models that are easy to use and understand, so your team can make smarter, faster decisions driven by organized data.

We can also provide training and managed services to increase your team’s expertise with any technology or platform.

Analytics & Visualization