Corporate Performance Management

Break your company’s dependence on Excel and move toward more automated solutions to reduce risks. Let us bring your organization’s finance team into the 21st century with the latest technology and analytics solutions to streamline all of your financial processes.
Corporate Performance Management

Solutions available as (SaaS) or on premise in as little as 6 Weeks!

Corporate Performance Management

Our Prebuilt Templates Deploy in Weeks Not Months

Deploy within weeks instead of months utilizing our prebuilt models to enhance financial reporting and budgeting related activities.

Choose a flexible cloud, on-premises, or hybrid deployment with options that align with your IT strategy. Not sure what type of solution you need? Waypoint’s expert data consultants will help you choose the best solution for your needs.

Proven Tools for Corporate Performance Management

Waypoint will help your company simplify and accelerate all your processes in finance through a unified planning, reporting, and analysis solution.

Our analytics experts will help you choose the best systems for your data needs and provide all the services you need to eliminate manual reporting and transform your system into an automated one.

Proven Tools
Automated Systems

Consolidate Reporting With Automated Systems

The manual ways of Excel can slow down your reporting and increase the risk of errors. Let us help you switch to automated data and analytics systems to consolidate reporting across your business and improve collaboration within your team.

This will help your team improve efficiency and help you close your books faster without errors.

Unlimited Data Models for Financial Excellence

Our unlimited data modeling and operational analytics solutions can be implemented in your system quickly. Our models help you improve the FP&A process and can be customized to meet the needs of a variety of business challenges, such as:

  • Headcount planning
  • Production planning/forecasting
  • Product profitability
  • Volume and price analysis
  • Allocations
  • Sales analytics

With state-of-the-art technology, Waypoint offers data modeling to support your specific business processes and financial planning needs.

Data Models for Financial Excellence
Budgeting & Planning

Systems to Accelerate Budgeting & Planning

Our prebuilt models or custom models can be implemented in your system to drive better budgeting and planning. Simplify and accelerate all processes in finance through a unified planning, reporting, and analysis solution.

Waypoint will implement and guide you through the entire process with seasoned subject matter experts. Deploy within weeks instead of months utilizing our prebuilt models to enhance financial reporting and budgeting related activities.

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Our Corporate Performance Management

Host Analytics Dashboard

Planful is the FP&A Platform
for Continuous Planning

Automate manual financial processes to save time, reduce errors, and move at the speed of business. Complete all of your financial activities and deliverables more efficiently and with less manual effort.

Use rolling forecasts to replace annual planning cycles so that you can respond to changing business conditions as they happen. Continual forecasting provides more accurate financial plans, increased agility, and optimized financial results.

Leverage data from across the business to drive long-term value and growth. Automate the tedium and manual steps behind the strategic planning process so you can spend more time analyzing and collaborating and less time fighting with spreadsheets.

Simplify complex ad-hoc financial analysis for both finance and business users. Explore financial insights quickly and with confidence.

A Modern, Unified Platform for Corporate Performance Management

Drive long-term strategy and analyze alternative value creation scenarios. Quickly develop baseline plans for organic growth strategies and potential M&A initiatives.

Simplify the entry of budget and forecast revisions by leveraging dynamic web forms or the comfort of Excel to instantly create or update the plan or forecast.

The XF MarketPlace contains a full set of specialty planning solutions that all leverage and extend the OneStream XF Platform.

Download Predictive Analytics 123 from the XF Marketplace, configure and deploy predictive models across the planning process.

OneStream Dashboard
IBM Cognos

IBM® Cognos Controller
& IBM® Planning Analytics

IBM Cognos Controller streamlines the close, consolidation and reporting process which enables the finance team to deliver data at a strategic level.
IBM® Planning Analytics
provides planning, budgeting, forecasting, analysis and scorecarding in one solution.


  • Customizable workspace
  • Data integration with SAP, Oracle and other sources
  • In-memory analytics
  • Predictive insights uncovered automatically
  • Flexible, scalable deployment
  • Multidimensional scenario modeling
  • Powerful Planning & Analysis
  • Integrated Scorecards
  • Flexible Modeling

Maximize Corporate Finance Performance

Comprehensive planning, budgeting, and forecasting for organizations operating on either an annual or rolling basis

Powerful, driver-based modeling for scenario analysis and to link financial and operational plans

Complete financial consolidation including inter-company eliminations, partial ownership rules, and statutory reporting

Extensive reporting capabilities to enable financial, management, ad hoc, and regulatory reporting

Oracle FPM Dashboards