Strategic Data Governance

Bring order to your business’s data with Waypoint’s strategic approach to data governance, allowing for more effective and efficient inter-departmental interactions as well as providing clarity to and from executive leadership.

Data governance reduces future costs of data management

Improve Data Security

Low-Risk, Low-Cost Approach To Governance

Our strategic approach to data governance helps businesses capitalize on their information with an accessible and reliable set of data assets to use. The results from our data governance strategies can improve productivity and operations in all areas, reducing costs for future data management needs.

We always ensure to implement accurate procedures around regulation and compliance activities, so there is no risk to you or your organization. Additionally, we help train your team and provide updated education around the management and usage of data assets.

Define Business Goals With a Common Data Language

The first priority of data governance is always to create a common language for your business and capture the required vocabulary in a Data Dictionary driven by business definitions for all key terms and metrics. The contents of the Data Dictionary can then define what additional processes are necessary, such as Data Stewardship and Data Quality Management.

From Detailed Planning To Full Implementation

Our approach to governance will bring order to your business’s data allowing for more effective and efficient inter-departmental interactions as well as providing clarity to and from executive leadership. With a detailed planning and implementation process, we can ensure you have a thorough approach to make the most of your data governance framework.

It starts with our expert consultants who help you plan solutions to determine the committee structure, assign roles and responsibilities, define goals, establish a communication and transparency plan, build policies and procedures, and create accountability. From there, we provide logistics and planning with more project management to enhance outcomes with automated and governed master data — easily accessible and available to your team.

Innovative Data Governance Software Delivered!

What do the major platforms actually do well, poorly, or not at all? How do these features align with your organization’s needs?

These are just a few of the questions that we help our clients answer when providing expert tool recommendations based on the business needs and requirements outlined in the process. Waypoint is vendor-agnostic, so we can work with any platform to deliver the data governance solutions that work best for your needs.

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Download the data governance white paper for a comprehensive breakdown of data governance vs. data stewardship or webinar called Data Governance: Transitioning the Focus from Data to Decisions to learn more about best practices, trends and steps for success.

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