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Bring order to your business’s data with Waypoint’s strategic approach to data governance, allowing for more effective and efficient inter-departmental interactions as well as providing clarity to and from executive leadership.
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Our strategic approach to data governance helps businesses capitalize on their information with an accessible and reliable set of data assets to use. The results from our data governance strategies can improve productivity and operations in all areas, reducing costs for future data management needs. We always ensure to implement accurate procedures around regulation and compliance activities, so there is no risk to you or your organization. Additionally, we help train your team and provide updated education around the management and usage of data assets.
Strategy and Planning
Data Governance Initiation and Organization
We will help your organization to implement a Data-Governance Strategic plan, including the the following deliverables:
Mission Statement
Mission Statement
This is the charter that establishes data governance as an official function within the organization and defines its scope and goals.
Data Governance Organization Chart
Data Governance Organization Chart
Defines what roles are required in the process, which parts of the organization fulfill those roles, defines their key responsibilities, and establishes accountability throughout the organization.
Data Governance Strategic Process
Data Governance Strategic Process
Establish a formal process for setting, communicating, and executing on the priorities, standards, definitions, and practices for data assets within the organization.
Operating Model
Coordinated Data Stewardship Implementation
Data Stewardship often occurs within organizations without visibility or coordination with reporting requirements. A coordinated Data-Stewardship program is one of the key components of operationalizing a data-governance strategy.
Data Stewardship Inventory and Workflow
Data Stewardship Inventory and Workflow
Identifies all of the key reference data that are used to insure data quality and consistency within reporting, establishes a formal data steward responsible for each reference asset, and coordinates and defines normal maintenance of that asset in alignment with key reporting requirements.
Reporting Data Dictionary Creation and Expansion
We help you to establish the master Reporting Data Dictionary for your organization's metrics, and define the ongoing process for adding and refining content as your organization grows and changes.
Reporting Data Dictionary
Reporting Data Dictionary
This will be the primary communication tool within the organization for defining data product requirements and clarifying components of development. The data dictionary will include the ownership of the metric, business definition, the data sources necessary to its calculation, the business logic needed to calculate it, its preferred (or required) format in reporting.
Tools and Technology
Master Data Management with Microsoft Master Data Services
We will implement our standardized approach to Master Data Management leveraging Microsoft Master Data Services, so that your Data Stewards have a common tool with key functionality to insure data quality and consistency.
Central master-data management repository
Central master-data management repository
All of your Master Data will be stored and managed in one place with a secure, auditable tool that is simple to learn and administer.
Data Governance Technology Integration
When your organization purchases a data-governance tool for any specific purpose, our technical data-governance experts will help to install, configure and integrate that tool within your organization's data-governance process
Implementation and configuration of your preferred technology solution
Implementation and configuration of your preferred technology solution
(e.g., Axon, Collibra, IDERA) into your organization's data governance process)
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