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We know that the right candidate can make or break a team and that’s why we have developed a proprietary screening process that brings attitude, aptitude, and skill to the forefront of the hiring process.
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Expertise to easily vet & onboard top data talent to build your team!

Expert Recruiting Partner

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Seeking a flexible recruiting partner that can provide certainty and confidence in the data and analytics talent hiring process? Book your Talent Discovery Session with our recruiting experts today and start saving time, resources, and hassle!

With over 18 years of data and analytics experience, Waypoint helps teams hire top data and analytics talent by leveraging our expertise and understanding of business needs. This results in teams that are well-rounded, highly skilled and ready to meet challenges head-on.

Less Cost & Stress — We Get It Right The First Time

The value of a great employee is immeasurable, but we also know that spending time and resources on an unfit candidate can truly make or break a team. With Waypoint’s recruiting services, you can rest assured knowing that we are doing the leg-work to not only source candidates that are open for work but a qualified, perfect fit for your team. The result is high-quality candidates, limited interviews, and your company avoiding costly bad hires.

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Putting High-Quality Data & Analytics Hires In Your Hands

Waypoint has built a business and reputation on recruiting and hiring employees with a unique combination of skills that don’t typically exist in one person. We know how to source, interview, and hire employees that understand: business processes, data, ever-changing technologies, and design awareness, all combined with the interpersonal skills critical to working with key stakeholders.

Proven Screening Methods for Top-Tier Talent

In an effort to verify the talent of unique resources, Waypoint has created a proven process that screens candidates through attitude and aptitude testing, interview techniques, and hands-on analytics challenges. With our proven screening methodology, you can be certain that the candidates selected by Waypoint are at the top of the talent pool.

As part of our process, we provide our clients with the clearest picture of hiring progress through continual communication and weekly status calls. We provide the best approaches for moving forward with candidates to ensure successful onboarding.

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