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Jon Serafino
Jon Serafino


Expertise to address every industry department, sector and service need

Our clients’ needs come first at Waypoint. That’s why we provide a full suite of data and analytics solutions that our consultants can custom tailor to the needs of your industry, department, service area or data problem.

Are you dealing with an industry-specific data issue? We’ve got the solutions to suit your particular problem, in your specific industry, even within your department.

No matter who you are, what you do, or who you serve, Waypoint will provide the expertise, consulting and customization to take your data where it needs to go.

Customized Industry solutions

Our Consultants Speak
Your Language

We make our data & analytics solutions fit your company, business or industry needs. No matter what area of business or industry you serve, from retail and healthcare to restaurants and marketing agencies, we serve every client with custom solutions to fit their needs.

Our experienced data and analytics consultants have years of expertise serving all industries, so we can provide the best solutions for your needs.

By Industry
By Department
By Role
By Problem
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Industry Agnostic
But We Have Some Bread & Butter

Healthcare Services
Learn more about the healthcare data and analytics solutions we offer for hospitals, health organizations and all healthcare services.
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We offer expert analytics and data solutions to improve performance among lending and financial institutions.
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Private Equity
Waypoint has expertise working with private equity services to help provide insight, data management and analytics solutions.
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Legal Firms
We work with legal firms and lawyers to improve performance, reporting and reduce risks with custom data solutions.
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Departmental Data Needs
From Back-End To Front-End

Sales & Marketing
We help sales and marketing teams transform and use data to improve client retention, close deals faster and generate business growth.
Information Technology (IT)
Waypoint works with tech departments to maintain your enterprise infrastructures for improved performance and function.
Finance & Human Resources (HR)
We help finance and HR departments manage and streamline data and analytics solutions to improve everything from budgeting and planning to company master data and information accessibility.
Operations & Logistics
Our data and analytics solutions help deliver metrics to operations and logistics departments to improve product delivery, flow, and efficiency within supply chains.
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Wearing a Specific Hat?
We Tailor Our Analytics To You

Non-Technology Executives
Our experts make it easy for non-tech execs to gain insight with data management and analytics to improve performance.
Technology Executives
We can work with CTOs to speak your language and provide our vast resources to improve your company’s data management, analytics, visualization and more.
Technology Administrators
Let us help your tech admins to improve performance and integrate systems through our expert data and analytics.
Data Analysts & Scientists
We help data analysts and scientists improve their workflow with accurate, reliable and accessible platform solutions and more.

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Dealing With a Certain Data Problem?
We’ve Got Solutions

Integrating Data From Various Sources
If you’re dealing with data from multiple systems or disparate sources, we can provide the right data management solutions to integrate and govern your data with ease.
Data Mining & Monetization
We’ll add renewed purpose and insight to your data by mining it for information to improve monetary insight and financial performance operations.
Staff Training
Break the dependence on Excel amongst your team and let us offer corporate performance management and center of excellence services to improve your team’s overall IT.
Old & Unstable Infrastructure
Let us update, integrate and improve your data warehouse with elite platforms, technology and consulting for modern data management solutions across your enterprise.