Private Equity Data & Analytics Expertise

Our consultants have a blend of technical and business expertise to ensure we provide leading data and analytics solutions that foster growth for your portfolio companies.
  • Data Management and Analytics
  • Corporate Performance Management
  • Project Management Methodology

We know you rely on fast, accurate and accessible data to assist your management teams

Why Choose Us

Portfolio Data Management & Analytics Implementation

Let Waypoint help you scale your portfolio with short-term or long-term data and analytics solutions. We’re proud to support our clients throughout the lifecycle of their data needs to continue to build scalable, profitable solutions.

From complete data capture, data science, and integration to total master data management, governance and warehousing, Waypoint will work with you from back to front to improve your data and analytics solutions overall. We’ll provide the analytics services necessary to transform the way your team uses, understands, and manages data to drive profit via sustainable, scalable analytics solutions.

Private Equity Flow Chart
Data-backed Service

Data-backed service to manage and improve PortCos of any size

customized solutions

Improving Your PortCo’s Organic Growth & Profitability

Our private equity solutions are predicated on a business approach to bring you solid data-backed services to manage and improve your portfolio. Whether you have a 50M PortCo or a $500M PortCo, Waypoint will custom-tailor our data, analytics and CPM solutions to meet your immediate needs.

We understand how to align our services with your private equity goals to help you achieve ROI targets and meet your future acquisition requirements to improve your needs for organic growth.

Serving Your PortCo’s Specific Needs
  • Data management and analytics with a focused approach to metrics, analysis and reporting
  • Corporate performance management for consolidations and FP&A needs
  • Establishing a roadmap for finance and accounting needs for future growth
  • Project planning to drive financial accountability and improve ROI targets