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To implement your best Business Intelligence and Financial Performance Management solutions that create insight and return on investment, you need superior knowledge and deep experience in many areas. We realize if you get this part wrong you're boxed in, with little chance of recovering the lost time & money. What you need are answers with transparency so that you implicitly understand and trust the planning. A critical step because your project is part of your future. This comparatively very small investment in planning can eliminate countless pitfalls and risks.

    We  jointly craft the following deliverables with WayPlan:

    • Business and Data Requirements
    • Functional Requirements
    • Scope Statement
    • Solution Architecture
    • Component Inventory
    • Work Breakdown Structure
    • Cost Estimate
    • Planning Assumptions


    Cross your project's finish line faster and on budget.


    Quickly identify the exact project cost, skill sets, tasks and timeline to deliver the solution. This is all determined upfront and agreed to beore development begins.


    The WayPlan eliminates project wandering, therefore it delivers faster, less expensive, higher quality (less rework) and easier to manage (no scope creep) projects.

    Managing Enterprise Objectives?

    Waypoint's Navigator Service can take your numerous projects from their current state to the desired future states.

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