August 25th 2020

Q: What is Watson AI for Citizen Care?

A: Watson Assistant is a conversational AI platform that helps you provide customers with fast, straightforward and accurate answers to their questions, across any application, device or channel. (IBM)

State and Federal regulations involving COVID-19 continue to evolve and likely will for many months. It can be confusing for your clients to find the financial services they need as the pandemic continues.

To help healthcare organizations cope with the growing demand for information in a dynamic COVID-19 environment, IBM is offering Watson Assistant for Citizens free for 30 days to understand how this technology can ease the burden. Check out this informative video to see how Watson Assistant for Citizens is helping large and small organizations manage their influx of information requests.

Many banks and healthcare institutions have already implemented the technology and are seeing many of their client requests for financial services initiated and directed to the proper point of contact through the Watson-powered natural-language processor.

What more information? Check out this Client Case Study or Contact Us to learn more about how IBM Watson AI for Citizen Care can help you ease the burden on your agents and minimize the risk of disruption during peak inquiry times. (IBM)

Written By: Waypoint Contributors