September 1st 2020

With the return of elective procedures after the COVID-19 shutdowns, healthcare providers are anxious to treat their patient’s clinical needs as quickly as possible. However, providers are currently needing to address an unprecedented volume of requests for pre-authorized elective procedures. In addition, many providers are also having to act on these requests within the extended authorization period while balancing the need to deliver authorized care for a new set of patients that they will see in the coming months. In order to help providers balance these competing priorities, we have put together a short video that outlines our five step approach for revising elective procedure forecasts during COVID-19. 

To take this a step further, we have illustrated in the quick demo below how this approach can be leveraged in an analytics environment with our best practices for data preparation, statistical analysis and dashboarding in order to help you forecast your organizations trends in elective procedures over the coming months, as well as provide insight into any potential clinical and financial consequences of COVID-19. 

Want to dive even deeper? Grab this 30 minute in-depth webinar recording where we discussed:

  • The data required to make objective forecasts of the schedule for elective procedures (it may be less extensive and complex than you expect).
  • The sources of variation that can be manipulated to arrive at the most representative forecast for your organization.
  • How planning towards a forecast of the elective-procedure schedule helps your organization to avoid clinical complications and financial shortfalls.

If you have any specific questions, are experiencing new challenges within your healthcare organization or have other pain points that you’d like to address, we are always here to help with any data or analytics needs. Simply contact us to get started today. 

Written By: Waypoint Contributors