Brianna Gedraitis, who works in our business development department at Waypoint and an active member of our Service Steward program, has been volunteering her time, supporting and raising awareness about a charity called “Angels in Motion (AIM)”.  As stated on their website, “Angels in Motion is breaking barriers and spreading awareness one life at a time with the hope to one day bring an end to the negative stigma attached with the disease of addiction and provide those in need with the proper care and enough love to support them on their road to recovery and a new life.”

I work with AIM every other weekend at Kensington Chapter in Philadelphia to provide hope and a meal to those on the street. You see the same people at times, hopeless and broken, but when they see you pull up with a PB&J sandwich, a water bottle, and a hoodie their faces light up.” – Brianna Gedraitis

A father who is supported by Angels in Motion has been working very hard on getting his life back on track and rebuilding his relationship with his daughter. A few weeks ago she asked him if he would take her to her senior prom. The father has been working hard in the construction trade to pay his rent, catching up on fines, child support and restitution. He was able to contribute toward her dress, but did not have enough money to buy a nice suit for the event. An AIM member stated, “I told him God would provide, pray on it. I talked to a few of the guys,  we were going to pool some money and take him to get something decent to wear.” Brianna asked Waypoint team members if they had any suits that they do not wear anymore, and was able to gather multiple suits. One of the suits fit him perfectly and he was able to attend his daughter’s senior prom feeling dignified and confident. A contact from AIM stated “I can’t tell you what a blessing your donors have been, from the homeless in desperate need, to the men trying to get their families and their lives back. We all thank you from the bottom of our hearts!”

These individuals at many times have no money, and the proper resources to purchase proper clothes to go on job interviews. Brianna has spent countless hours collecting boxes of clothes and supplies from the Waypoint team to donate to those who receive support from Angels in Motion.

Mike, a leader at the Atlantic City chapter, had these kind words to say about the work that Brianna has done for their organization, “You’ve made a difference in these men’s lives. Sometimes we take for the granted the basic things in our lives and when we don’t have them, we realize how important they are in our everyday living. When we look good, we feel good about ourselves and are more confident in getting those jobs.”

Learn more about Waypoint’s Service Steward program here.  If you would like to learn more about the mission of Angels in Motion or find out who you can help, you may contact them here:

Angels in Motion
2024 Ripley Street
Philadelphia, PA 19152

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