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Considering Migrating Your Cloud Data Warehouse? Don't Limit Your Thinking!

April 22nd 2021
2:00pm EST

In this webinar, you will learn implementation strategies that will take advantage of Snowflake’s separation of storage and compute.  These strategies can greatly improve performance and reduce costs. Additionally, they can help expand the content of data warehouses and provide functionality that end users crave.

In this 30-minute webinar, we will discuss how to:

  • Outline all the factors to consider before changing to Snowflake as a platform.
  • Plan a conversion to Snowflake that will take advantage of the most important cost-savings and performance enhancement features.
  • Understand new capabilities that expand on what a data warehouse is capable of.

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All Industry  Solutions Webinar Recordings

Modern Data Warehousing: The Advantages of a Complete and Adaptable Platform
In this webinar, you will learn why Azure differentiates itself through completeness and flexibility in its offering.  We will discuss the different options that are available, the many value-add tools in the Azure suite, and what factors influence cost.
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Data Governance: Transitioning the Focus from Data to Decisions
Pain points associated with data governance and data stewardship are pervasive. We have helped multiple organizations wrangle the many problems and pain points associated with data governance which has allowed them to focus on driving value.  If you are ready to transition your organization to focusing on making decisions and getting value out of their data and remove any hindrances with moving forward into action with your data, this webinar is for you.
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Automation the Alteryx Way
In this 30 minute webinar, we demonstrate how your organization can: Build Easily Maintained Workflow Automations, Streamline stored procedures to simplify complex development processes, Automate manual report queries for easy maintenance and readability, Empower Organizations to Efficiently Implement MDM, Create reusable workflows to manage the standardization of data structures and definitions throughout your entire organization ➡ Watch This Webinar Now

Snowflake Platform Review
Snowflake has grown rapidly to become an industry leader in hosting data-warehousing infrastructure. Snowflake’s unique architecture solves problems for organizations by modernizing their data warehousing platform. In this webinar, you will learn exactly what makes Snowflake different and how it may fit into your environment ➡ Watch This Webinar Now

3 ‘Qlik’ Steps to Empowering a Self-Service Analytics Organization
In this webinar, you will learn how to empower business users to achieve self-service data analytics and quickly generate greater insights without depending on other departments. Specifically, we will discuss how we have helped many of our clients find success with training, data literacy, and self-service initiatives ➡ Watch This Webinar Now

Modernizing Data Management
Data-management options have been rapidly evolving and diversifying. There are an overwhelming number of new offerings which promise to deliver answers to all platforms and technical needs for data management. Leaders need to make practical plans and decisions to fulfill the ‘visionary end state’ with viable, maintainable solutions. ➡ Watch This Webinar Now

Geographic Mapping and Geospatial Analytics
Most of the time bars, lines, and simple data visualization concepts are enough to make decisions but join us as we break down scenarios where they may fall short. Geographic Mapping and Geospatial Analytics are big buzzwords in the industry today and we are here to dissect the buzz.
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Social Media Analytics: Cross-Platform Statistics
Learn how advertising and marketing giant, Ackerman McQueen gained critical insight from data gathered across multiple social media outlets with a solution from the Waypoint Team!
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Acuity Analytics Healthcare Webinar Recordings

Modernizing Healthcare Data Management
During this session we will discuss: Why centralized data repositories remain necessary, What makes a modern data warehouse ‘modern’, What are the advantages of a cloud-based infrastructure, and what are the considerations of employing a public vs. a private cloud, How to identify the technology options that best fit each organization and their desired end states, How to demonstrate the value of a modern data management approach to the business users . 
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Optimizing Laboratory Services with Analytic Insights
Laboratory services can often be viewed as a necessary expense as opposed to a revenue generating profit center.  While most organizations have long analytics backlogs, this type of thinking results in neglecting this area of the organization.  This, however, is a missed opportunity!
There are tons of ways to improve the quality, operations, and financials of laboratory services within health systems.  Some of these improvements may even be drastic enough to result in the decision to maintain ownership as opposed to outsourcing laboratory services. 
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COVID-19 Webinar Series: Optimizing Supply Chain
Supply chain purchasing is the second-largest and fastest-growing expense for providers, and the problem has been compounded with the increased supply needs to support COVID-19 patients. It’s complex nature makes it difficult and time-intensive to determine the best ways to optimize purchasing so that savings will be maximized. Throughout health systems, hospitals, and even departments, it is common to have multiple contracts in place that often result in major inefficiencies and, ultimately, millions of dollars per hospital per year in wasted money. 
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Forecasting the Return of Elective Procedures After COVID-19 Shutdowns
Is there any way to forecast what the trends in elective procedures will be over the coming months, as well as the clinical and financial consequences? It depends on the data that are available to your organization. A great deal can be learned from past data on elective procedures, their authorization and procedure dates, and information on follow up claims. With this basic information, commonly available dashboarding and predictive tools can help illustrate what you should expect in the coming months. 
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Mapping in Healthcare: Gaining Insights with Geospatial Analytics
Mapping healthcare data has come a long way since plotting patient volumes was enough, so let us show you how we can effectively combine it with census data as well as advanced algorithms to take your information to new heights.
In this 30-minute webinar, we will discuss: The evolution of geospatial analytics in healthcare, Use cases from some of our clients, A live demo of geospatial analytic applications 
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Data Governance: Transitioning the Focus From Data to Decisions
In this 30-minute webinar, we discuss:
Problem statement and value proposition for Data Governance
, Components (People, Process, and Technology), Data Governance
, Data Stewardship, Planning and implementation, Data governance software
, Overview and capabilities
, Specific tool comparison, Lessons learned and common pitfalls and Success stories
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Operating Room Optimization Webinar
In this 30-minute webinar, we will discuss: Understanding operating department use cases, Operating department specific demos, How to quickly implement a solution utilizing ThoughtSpot, Visualize OR Utilization, Turnover, Delays, Supply Cost, etc., OR analytics success stories
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Population Health and ACO Dashboard
Population health analytics often results in a need for access and manipulation of multiple disparate data sources, often including but not limited to: Claims, Physician, Condition, Insurance, Member, Ambulatory, and Hospital data. Please join us as and learn how CCHS has taken their highly manual and time consuming process for monthly population health data manipulation from 11 hours down to 7 minutes using Alteryx.
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Opioid Addiction Treatment Analytics Webinar
By leveraging addiction medicine data from each regional treatment facility and creating consistent measures and scorecards around prescription compliance, health outcomes, and the acuity process, this holistic dashboard has delivered substantial value to Geisinger in the way of monitoring opioid treatment populations from both an episodic and longitudinal perspective. The insights derived from this automated solution enable clinicians and hospital operatives to take decisive action around this pressing issue.
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Operationalizing Analytics: Getting the most out of your Analytic Investments in Healthcare 
In this 30-minute webinar, we discuss: How to get the most out of your analytic investment, Deep dive on our methodology (the 4 A's) for operationalizing analytics: Adoption, Analysis, Action, Achievement How to measure success, utilize best practices, avoid common pitfalls, and improve in problem areas and Provide success stories through real client examples   

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Predictive Analytics in Healthcare Webinar
The healthcare industry is increasingly integrating predictive technology and machine learning into decision-making processes. Acuity Analytics has been at the forefront of helping health systems to successfully develop and implement predictive algorithms. In this webinar we will discuss our experience and observations while helping clients gain insight into Patient Care Outcomes, Operational Forecasting and Revenue Cycle Anomalies.
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Predicting Nursing Staff Turnover
Acuity Analytics, presents how predictive analytics and machine learning can be leveraged to identify patterns across a hospital’s nursing staff, predict the probability of turnover down to the individual nurse level, and monitor nursing staff rates through an automated dashboard.
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Getting Value From Your Healthcare Big Data
In healthcare we spend so much time entering massive amounts of data.  Unfortunately, we are oftentimes only skimming the surface with how much data we are visualizing and analyzing.  Technology is advancing rapidly which is allowing more opportunities to analyze even the largest datasets quickly.  The approaches we will talk about allow you to get the most out of your big data and focus on high value use cases for your organization.
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Optimizing Healthcare Supply Chain Webinar
During this 30 minute webinar, you will learn how an analytic dashboard solution that incorporates inventory management and purchasing contracts can help you to visualize areas for improvement throughout your organization and see how those changes will impact your total purchasing spend.
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Predictive Clinical Staffing
During this 30 minute webinar you will learn about the Clinical Staffing solution Acuity Analytics created and deployed for a large PA health system. This solution included a predictive model to forecast patient volumes and maintain ideal staff-to-patient ratios along with a data visualization application to encourage adoption and monitor effectiveness.

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Migrating Legacy Healthcare Systems
During this 30-minute webinar, you will learn how to plan your project, engage the right resources, stay on track, and ultimately ensure success. In this session, we discuss: The summary of the business case, Identifying of the components, What is the source of truth?, Upstream and downstream systems Reporting, Security / accessibility, Software versions, Version control and much more.  
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Banking Webinar Recordings

Banking Thought Leader Series: CECL, Is your Bank Compliant?
Ardmore Banking Advisors, a nationally recognized thought leader on CECL implementation for community banks, is presenting a special webinar with Waypoint Consulting on March 27th to show you how to get your bank to: Comply with CECL Regulations, Optimize Credit Risk Data Gathering, Improve Storing and Operational Processes ➡ Watch This Webinar

IFRS 9/CECL Compliance Webinar
In this 30-minute webinar, learn why ECL Modeling and Data Preparation must be closely aligned. We will take you through the keys to success regarding: Modeling Approaches, Why various modeling approaches will impact the range of data needed. Data Inventory: Understanding what you have and what is missing from both internal and external data sources. Impact of assumptions on ECL Modeling Data Validation: Importance of Accounting and IT working in concert. Structuring your data to enhance profitability in your portfolios via analytics ➡ Watch this webinar

Leveraging Your Organization’s CECL Data Warehouse
In this 30-minute webinar, learn the importance of leveraging your CECL data warehouse for analysis of complex instruments. By 2022, all regulated lenders will be CECL compliant. Becoming CECL compliant is compelling lenders to build credit portfolio data marts/warehouses. Lenders who are making this investment should also be leveraging these data repositories as a source of improved portfolio analytics. ➡ Watch this webinar

Banking Thought Leader Series: Capitalizing on your CECL Infrastructure with Data Governance and Mastery
The latest CECL guidance from the regulators has community banks rapidly working to assemble the data necessary to comply. The segmentation, calculation, adjustment and documentation steps that are necessary to prepare data for CECL analysis can help significantly improve management of bank relationships and credit portfolios. Banks that learn to leverage this process and the data they prepare for CECL can enhance the value of their client relationships, better assess lending performance, and comprehensively understand portfolio risk. ➡ Watch This Webinar

Managed Services Webinar Recordings


Enable Business Success with Qlik Development Managed Services
Waypoint provides Development Managed Services as a means to enable Organizations such as yours to deal with the random requests, critical changes, or Production fixes quickly and efficiently. Waypoint can act as an extension of your existing staff, or as a sole provider of your development needs. During this 30 minute presentation, we will discuss the following items: Development Managed Services as a business enabler Integration with your existing staff Creation and tracking of development requests Management and prioritization of requests Service Level Agreements
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Qlik Sense 101: Designing a Highly Available, Resilient, and Performant Architecture Webinar Recording
Qlik Sense is critical to the success of many organizations. Ensuring the availability of applications to the consumers is therefore essential. During this webinar we will review the key concepts in designing a highly available, resilient, and performant Qlik Sense architecture to ensure 100% user satisfaction. We will also review real world use cases and design concepts that have enabled multiple companies to reach their goals.
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Lower Your IT Costs: Managed Services Webinar 
During this webinar, you will learn how to keep current with the latest features of Qlik, as well as increase performance, stability, and user experience through Waypoint Managed Services.  Waypoint provides Hosted Platforms combined with world class Managed Services that help clients eliminate the capital expense associated with hardware procurement, while reducing the burden on IT resourcing.  All delivered on a 24x7x365 basis.
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Explore Tableau in the Cloud Webinar
During this webinar, you will learn how to keep current with the latest features of Tableau, as well as increase performance, stability, time to value, and user experience through Waypoint Managed Services.
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Cloud Database Webinar
During this webinar, you will learn how to keep current with the latest features of various database technologies, as well as increase performance, stability, time to value, and user experience through Waypoint Managed Services. Waypoint provides Hosted Platforms combined with world class Managed Services that help clients quickly realize the value of their database investment. All delivered on a 24x7x365 basis while eliminating the capital expense associated with hardware acquisition.
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Managed Services Case Study: Atlantic Street Capital
Waypoint provides hosting platforms and managed services that help clients to eliminate the capital expense associated with hardware and software, while also reducing the burden on IT departments.
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Private Equity Webinar Recordings

Data Driven Value Creation for Private Equity Firms
Businesses today are grappling with how to operate in a digitally-driven world, and that sentiment is especially true for the PE industry. Whether its due diligence, deal sourcing, or value creation activities, PE owners and operators are quickly learning the benefits data and analytics can provide to assess risks, identify opportunities, and create value within their portfolio. During this webinar attendees will discover: The types of data used during various stages of value creation, How a data-driven approach delivers increased ROI The tech stack required to achieve value creation, Surprising risks & opportunities uncovered through data & analytics, Real examples of PE firms using data to create value within their portfolio ➡ Watch this webinar


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